Southeast Idaho Sports & Recreation

College Sports

High School SportsPhoto from Idaho State JournalPhoto from Idaho State Journal
Aberdeen High School
American Falls High School
Bear Lake High School
Blackfoot High School
Bonneville High School
Century High School
Firth High School
Grace High School Photo from Idaho State Journal
Highland High SchoolPhoto from Idaho State Journal
Idaho Falls High School Photo from Shelly High School
Malad High School
Marsh Valley High SchoolPhoto from Idaho State Journal
North Gem High School
Pocatello High School
Preston High School
Rockland High School
Shelley High School
Sho-Ban School
Skyline High School
Snake River High School
Soda Springs High School
    Bear Lake West Golf
    Portneuf Valley Disc Golf Club
    Thunder Canyon Golf Course
    Grace Central Links Golf Course 9 Hole, 425-3233
    American Falls, 9 Hole 397-5308 or 226-5827
    Preston Country Club 18 Hole, 852-2408
    Fish Haven, 9 Hole, 945-2744
    Montpelier 9 Hole, 847-1981
    Oregon Trail Country Club, Soda Springs 9 Holes, Open to Public, 547-2204
    Riverside, Pocatello 18 Hole, 232-9515
    Highland, Pocatello 18 Hole, 237-9922
    Blackfoot 18 Hole, 785-9960
    Shelley 9 hole, 357-7329
    Hazard Creek, Aberdeen 9 Hole, 266-5827

Community Sports & Recreation

Snow Mobiling
  • Bear Lake: Fish Haven and St. Charles Snowmobile Trails
  • Preston Area: Cub River Canyon, Paris Meadows, Midnight Mountain, Green Basin, Copenhagen Basin, Egan Basin, Franklin Basin, and Whites Canyon.
  • Soda Springs: More than 250 square miles of trails.
  • Pocatello Area: Scout Mountain-Mink Creek area and the Inman-Pebble-Toponce area.
  • Portneuf Range: Inkom and Lava.
  • Blackfoot: Wolverine Creek Snowmobile Trail connects to the Long Valley Snowmobile Trail northeast of Blackfoot.
  • Malad Area:
  • Cottonwood Creek: East of Downey and Swan Lake.